Mi Band 3 Spotted Prior to Launch- Costs Rs. 1,800

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Xiaomi’s next Mi Band lineup- the Mi Band 3 was spotted on the Chinese version of the Mi Store app by a news blog in China. The Chinese Publication CNBeta claims that the device appeared for a short while on the app but was taken down in no time. Although they managed to capture a screenshot of the listed pricing. The price turns out to be CNY 169 (roughly Rs. 1,800) and this third-gen Mi Band would sport similar features as of Mi Band 2 but with a twist. This time, it’s a full touch display and a GPS-integration into the band itself. Launches today (31st May) in China along with Mi 8, Mi 8 SE (probably) and MIUI 10.

After the company’s success with its best ever selling Redmi Note 5, the next product in-line for Xiaomi is the Mi Band 3 along with the next Xiaomi flagship- Mi 8. The devices are to be launched today, on 31st May at a launch event in China. Although considerable hours still remain before the actual launch- a few crawlers on the internet have spotted sensitive information the Mi Band 3 prior to the launch itself.

From the first source, we get to see a video that explains the core functionality of the Mi Band 3 in about 33 seconds.

Secondly, a Chinese publication CNBeta covers exclusively about the Mi Band 3 being spotted on the Mi Store app in China. It is the Chinese version of the app that was being used at the time of the screenshot was captured. The screenshot talks about nothing but the price of the device which is CYN 169- roughly INR 1,800. In fact, the information that was available on the app was restricted only to the pricing and not even the actual product images of the band were listed.

Mi Band 3 Features

The Mi Band 3 would contain the same set of sensors as the Mi Band 2, in addition to one major sensor update- the GPS sensor.
I personally have been using the Mi Band 2 since its first day of launch and have absolutely loved the band for everything it has to offer. One thing that I myself wanted the band to support was the GPS functionality so I could keep my eyes off my phone while driving. Finally, I think I’ll be able to accomplish just that with the Mi Band 3- more on this after I test the band when it launches in India. Apart from the addition of the GPS sensor, the device has got a major screen update. The Mi Band 3 would now be sporting a huge full display screen which would be gesture-touch responsive. You can now swipe-up, down, left or right to navigate around and long press to select the respective item being displayed on the band’s screen. The screen would be an OLED panel like before. The band would have Bluetooth v4.2 this time and IP67 water-splash rating along with basic fitness tracking features like the step-counter, sleep tracking, calorie counter and the distance counter. All this would be accessible from the MiFit iOS or Android app. This time around, the band would also feature NFC support. Not sure why that is but I believe it’s to authenticate NFC payments. We’ll talk about it when we have the band in hands.

I’d call the Mi Band 3 as the Smartband on steroids.

Other Launch Highlights

Apart from the highly-anticipated Mi Band 3, Xiaomi is also looking forward to launch the next flagship device- The Xiaomi Mi 8. There might also be a Mi 8 SE alongside launch but this particular detail about the Mi 8 SE isn’t confirmed yet. The device is expected to be a complete ‘2018ish’ package. It would feature a dual rear camera and a bezel less design with AI camera and Snapdragon 845 SoC. But how could we call a phone ‘2018ish’ without throwing in that notch? Hence, there would also be a wide notch (similar to the iPhone X) on the front of the Xiaomi Mi 8. We also have the MIUI 10 being launched alongside the Mi Band 3 and the Mi 8. I’ll try my best to get my hands on both the devices as soon as possible and update y’all about their worthiness.

Honestly, I’m expecting a lot from the Mi Band 3- considering its availability for an extremely reasonable price of INR 1,800.

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