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Welcome to Android Niche, one of the most passion-driven tech blogs on the planet.

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About Me

I’m Akshat Gupta. And I claim to have a deep sense of realization towards the current social land-grab. I naturally tend to understand audience ‘trends’ really well.

Proven to why, I also own a Social Media Marketing Agency named Explicive Media. I see myself as an aspiring Entrepreneur and figured out that the best way I could jam-up all my passions together was through blogging. Hence, teenpreneur.co and androidniche.com are one of my passion oriented jobs. I’d call this, sheer passion-driven work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fact that I so well realize that I am a human being on Earth and have got far more opportunities, makes me do more of what I love.

I get this asked so many times. First of all, it is absolutely an honor to have been asked this question.

YES, I do have a book coming out this year. The book would focus mainly on Teenage Entrepreneurship and how a teen can rise from a ‘no-one’ to a ‘it’s him’ or ‘it’s her’.

Sure! I post a lot about my daily-life on my Instagram ID (@akshat.do) so make sure to follow me there!

Also, something that is really close to my heart and soul is my other blog, teenpreneur.co