5 Awesome Cleaner apps

today let’s check out 5 Awesome Cleaner apps on the Google Playstore which you might find useful to boost up your smartphones. So, let’s get started

the 1st Cleaner App on this list is simply called The Cleaner. This has been a well-known app for quite some time since its release, it has a rather clean interface with features to clean out memory hence boosting your android’s speed, free up storage and uninstall unwanted 0r malicious apps, it even has App Lock functionality and Overall does a Good Job

Next is the All-In-OneĀ (Toolbox Cleaner app) which has a varied set of system utilities like ToolboX, Boot Speedup, CPU Cooler and Battery Optimiser apart from the default memory & unwanted app Cleaning features and for those of you who don’t have a file manager on your phone, this one has it. A very useful and comprehensive set of tools on this app which does lighten your Android The


3rd Cleaner app on this list is the Go Speed (Cleaner & Applock). This app claims to be the smallest phone booster app on the market and it has clean-cut features of Memory boosting, Junk file cleaning, it also has an app manager and App lock feature. And it does work as advertised working in par with other heavier cleaner apps, a good job by the Go Developer Team The

4th app is the CCleaner and is one of my favourites due to its most simplistic 1-button
functionality. Just press the 1 Analyse button after which itĀ takes its time for its extensive scanning and then clean. Simple and highly effective, get your Android cleaned up of junk & free up memory without much fuss, Great And coming to the last Cleaner app on this list and certainly not the least & again one of my favourites, it’s the Clean Master (Boost & Applock) app which also comes bundled along with Xiaomi devices. Super Clean user interface, super-fast scanning, Battery Saver, a free Anti-Virus app and very effective cleaning makes it one of the Best Cleaner app available on the Playstore That’s it for now folks

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