7 UNKNOWN Best Android Apps You didn’t Know Yet in 2020

are you tired of the same old applications everyone is using and want to find something new different useful

and fun today I have rounded up eight unique apps for you to try on your inner edge smartphones excite aid so let’s get
started kicking off the list with Banshee which is your voice assistant that can answer all your incoming calls by a voice command the app has a very catchy and i pleasing theme alongside a very intuitive UI that can help you to manage all your calling activities you can customize your own words and set your decide command to receive a call reject a call set your phone on speaker mode etc the app is highly customization where you can choose your favorite theme

wallpaper and set them on the app the app is loaded with some unique features that you will not find in other voice assistant for instance you can share your screen while you are on a call and share images videos and other documents you can also play games while you’re on the call but put the players need to have wonnie pre-installed on their devices the most useful feature of the app and the reason it had been included in our list of best unique apps is the caller ID feature where you can block the spam and unknown numbers now before moving to the next app on our list is veil papers which have a diverse collection of high-quality wallpapers in different categories like illustration material and pattern the wallpapers can give a fresh look to your screen when applied and is perfect with all kind of AMBLED displays all the wallpapers are minimal and extensive in design that

will match up with your expectation you can use the app that ease and it has an intuitive UI and portray smooth experience next up we have Adobe Photoshop camera and as the name suggests it is a camera app that provides an attractive look to your
images you have a lot of filter to choose from and can see real-time if before you capture the image the app can be very useful for social media influences as they can use auto tune and bouquet style portrait mode to add a perfect touch to your images and videos
now if you like the first app of this list then you will definitely find this app useful one e-collar theme is an app that lets you enhance the call screen with the help of diverse and beautiful themes you can set customized images and themes for each contact on your list there is an LED flash that can keep you b reminding about your calls and can also announce the caller’s name one e-collar

theme also offers the feature of a real time caller ID that helps you to identify the caller easily one e-collar theme can turn your call screen into an amazing lively screen with the help of its dynamic and eye-catching themes the app is battery efficient so you don’t need to worry about the battery consumption of your device with simple UI where you can modify every aspect of your call screen with a touch the one e-collar theme is one of the best unique apps you should try right now next up on our list is wave Lite which can take your music customization to another level the app has a nine band equalizer River preset visualizer and 2400 pre-calculated presets the amazing feature of the app is that it can adjust the sound quality based on your headphones you are using so let’s say if you’re using a headphone from JBL or both headphone’s 2400 pre-calculated preset on a

headphone by headphone basis adjust the sound according to that headphone next up we have Firefox end which can help you in sharing files to a distant location as most of the sharing app have a distance to share the file and you can share them within a certain radar you can upload all the content and files which you want to share on your Firefox account and can send the link of that file to the user you want to share it do not worry about the security of your files as all of them are encrypted split

cloud can be very useful for you if you and your friend have a different taste in music but want to listen to music together the app can play two different music at a time with the help of dual music player which are superimposed on each other the music player on the top will play the track on the dear bird while the bottom music player will play the track on the right ear bird you can play all your favorite tracks from The Sound Cloud and can enjoy them whenever you want so which of the above app you liked the most do you know if any other application that we should have added to this list to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below and for more feature videos like this consider subscribing and hit the bell icon so that you never miss any future videos from extreme droid so this is Samir signing off and I’ll see you guys in my next one

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