5 Best Android Apps For Customization You Must Download in 2020

Like every month we release our best monthly apps Article and you guys really like those,

also in past few months I have made couple of Android customization video on which I got an amazing response and some of you also requested to do customization videos more frequently. So, here I am with our first monthly Android customization videos in which I will showcase top 5 customization apps that will take your android device to next level A combination of dark mode and AMBLED wallpapers is pleasing to the eye but laborious to find. If you are planning to customize your home screen in the dark theme and want to Sync it with amazing AMBLED wallpapers, then Shadow KW GT is your answer. Shadow KW GT offers you a Music widget, Search bar widget, Clock widget, and some other widgets in pure black and white color options. You can sync all the black and white-colored widgets according to your home screen theme and can

form one of a kind home screen setup. You can choose from vibrant colored widgets and can select the most suitable colored widget
that can match with your wallpaper. Also this KW GT widget offers 8 super minimal wallpapers that you can cootie from. This is one of the latest and best Android Customization apps that you will find on the play store. This is a paid app and You need to loosen your
pocket, but the app is worth the money you pay. So, guys, if you like my videos and want me to make more videos like this then support my channel and do consider subscribing and hit the bell icon, so that you never miss any future video. Also, help me to hit the 150k milestone by subscribing. With that been said let get to the next app.

Live wallpaper is loved by everyone, but due to the battery consumption it does, most of the users avoid to use live wallpapers.
over time, smartphone hardware has improved which paved the way for high-quality live wallpapers. Metropolis live wallpaper is one of the best Android customization apps, that offers yo live wallpapers of some renowned landmarks like Statue of Liberty, Paris Las Vegas, etc. The latest update of the app includes features like Zoom-in-effects. Apart from this, you can adjust the speed of the animation, Horizontal panning, and Parallax effect of the live wallpaper. You will get the live wallpapers from some beautiful locations, out of which most of the wallpapers are free. You can either pay some bucks and get access to all the live wallpapers or you can watch an ad to unlock the wallpaper. You all might be bored with the alternate launchers that are available on Play Store

and will be thinking what’s different in Zone Launcher. Don’t worry Zone launcher is wholly a fresh launcher that comes with
some interesting features. The app comes with an interactive and easy method to launch an application or to switch between applications. All you need to do is swipe in from the side and then slide your finger over the app icon you want to launch. As soon as you lift the finger your desired application will be launched. You do not need to close an app and switch to another app, Your one pinch is enough to move between applications. Due to this unique UI, we have included Zone launcher on our list of best Android Customization apps. Line bit Icon Pack is developed by Zonked DIM, which is a renowned name and is known for introducing futuristic ico

n packs. The icon packs are subtly designed with a blend of

gradient colors and fine geometrical shapes. You will not be confused between the apps, as each app has a different icon shape and
unique look that help you to distinguish between them. On top of that, the color combination that is used to design each icon will make you fall for the creativity of the developers Perfection can be one of the synonyms for this app and to appreciate such a fine piece of work we have included this app in our list of best Android customization apps, though it is a paid app. Super status bar is a cool android customization app where you can specifically modify the look of your status bar and add some additional
features. Super status bar lets you add easy to operate swipe gestures which can be used to adjust the brightness of your screen. Apart from this you can also add a battery bar on your screen to track the your battery percentage.
features of the super status bar , you will need to buy the paid version of the app.

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