10 MIND BLOWING Best Free Android Apps 2020 – MUST HAVE ANDROID APPS

Are you always looking for the best apps for android? It is a pain to search for such apps. We don’t know if any app is good or not until we try it. And that’s exactly why I am going to take down the hassle for you to make things easier. All the apps on the list get tested carefully and tried out before suggestion. In the end, it is always up to you if you want to try out the app or not. So hey folks this is Sameer and here are 10 best apps for the month of April 2020Excited? so let’s get excited1Gallery comes from the developers of TodayWeather. It provides you with the best encryption support to hide your photos and secure them. It’s easy to encrypt files like your documents and more.

As per the usage, it appears to be minimal and easy to use at the same time. It made our list of the best app for android this month with ease. Along with that, it comes with a photo editor and video editor built-in. The dark mode isn’t questioned here; it’s present if you take good care of your eyes. It is our go-to gallery app right now, and we do recommend it. Make sure to give it a try and let us know in the comments. Next up we have Volume Style which is a nifty little application through which you can change the style of your volume slider and the best part is you don’t need root for that.

Just enable some permissions and you are good to go. With this app, you can choose between different OSes of various brands, like Xiaomi, Oneplus, Samsung, etc. You also have many customization options for the volume panel, like you can change the color, size, and more. If the users want to further customize the panels, an in-app purchase will allow them to customize a few other elements like the color of the panel and unlock the auto-expansion feature. Next on our list of best free Android apps Typewise keyboard. We always want a cool keyboard

that is minimalistic in design and provides diverse features. Types keyboard is a Hexagonal shaped QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is optimized to be used with two thumbs with larger buttons which reportedly brings down the typos by 80% which is mainly one of the reasons why it had made it to this list of the 10 Best Apps for Android in February 2020. Microsoft Edge is a browser for Android which is minimalistic in design and comes with userfriendly UI.

The browser is rich in navigation which enhances the user navigating experience. The navigation button is located at the bottom part. You can easily control all your activities via a single gesture. Apart from this, the browser has a hamburger menu which is located at the top right corner providing you multiple options of optimization. We always want to make our device look beautiful by using vibrant wallpapers. The collective is next on our list of best free Android Apps that come with diverse and vibrant textured wallpapers. All the wallpapers are nicely crafted and are available in high resolution which makes sure that the quality of the wallpaper does not diminish while you set it on a bigger display device.

The app is one go stop if you are looking for creative and attractive wallpapers. We all face problems while receiving notifications of various apps like we don’t get notified about the emails we receive ever time due to which we miss some of our important things.AppNotifier is a customization app that manages all of your notifications and notifies every time you receive any message from any app. It updates you about installation and updates notifications so that you do not miss any of your important stuff. The train is a management app for Android which manages all your notes and tasks which you have created. The train comes with an interesting mind mapping feature which allows you

to organize each and every task. The reason due to which Trasno has made it to our list of best Android apps is that it automatically uses tags which is pre available on your app. This basically improves your productivity and improve efficiency. We all are addicted to our smartphones, which also causes distraction in performing our daily tasks. Lock Me Out is the best free Android app of April 2020 which allows you to get out of this addiction. What Locks Me out does is that it locks your device for a specific time and doesn’t allow you to make any kind of changes in this app and that’s how it helps you to get out of our smartphone addiction. Little is an app for news lovers

who want to remain updated about everything which is happening in every corner of the world. Listleread out all the important news and information while you are driving or you are on the way to your office. Little cover all the trending topics and keeps you updated with all the relevant information. It also provides you with the option of saving the audio and listens to it in your free time. Little narrates all of the stories in a narrative form which makes it interesting to hear the

news.GesturePlus is one of the best navigational gestures app available on your Android. What the app does is that it adds a software button in the middle of your navigation bar. Also, it allows you to customize all your navigation buttons according to your requirements. Apart from this, GesturePlus allows you to modify and configure the voice assistant of your device. Which of the above app did you like the most?

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